Communication in Healthcare 

We can provide training for your staff covering care & compassion, staying safe and being accountable

Communication Skills for all Healthcare Professionals - 
in acute settings, or working in the community

We provide meaningful, memorable, relevant training for your staff.  Our experienced facilitators will help your staff understand the theory behind good communication and how to apply this in their daily work. 


Learning outcomes are linked to professional code of conducts, organisational values and government health care priorities. We work with highly skilled actor role players who are trained in role depiction, confidentiality, equality and diversity, feedback and debriefing. 


Or, alternatively our actor role players are available to work with your instructors, for communication skills and physical examination training. They can be with you for a few hours or a whole day and can be connected to equipment or made-up with moulage, should you require this.


All our actor role players are fully consented to take part in simulation-based education (SBE) and for photography and filming.


We also offer a scenario writing service.


Please ask for details of courses that lead to the SimComm Academy Communication Skills Award (Foundation Level).




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About Us

SimComm Academy Ltd is a Private Limited Company Registered in
England and Wales Number 09994532

About Us

SimComm Academy Ltd is Private Limited Company Registered in England and Wales Number 09994532

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